Monday, November 3, 2014

Misty Peak Teas - young sheng

Misty Peak Teas is a Portland based tea company who sources all of their tea from a single family farm in Yiwu, which I find interesting. Nicole of Tea For Me Please interviewed him a while back, and he explains the background story behind his company, so go check that out if you're interested.

Nicholas of Misty Peak Teas got in touch with me via Instagram and offered to send me a few samples, and I accepted them (yeah yeah I'm thirsty). He sent me two teas - his 2012 Autumn pu'erh and his rolled pu'erh, which seems to be his answer to the mini tuocha.

First up, we have the 2012 Autumn pu'erh. I used 7g of this in a 100ml gaiwan. Dry leaves were pretty big, unbroken, and very loosely compressed. Very consistent leaf size, confirming the single farm status and also showing that the farm has a pretty strict picking standard. It seems that Misty Peak Teas intends for their tea to be more of a drink-now or maybe a dry-stored pu'erh based on the compression level. Dry leaf smells smooth and sweet and this steeps out to a light yellow. I was impressed with the flavor, it was incredibly sweet, no bitterness, and I got notes of milk, flowers, and grains. For me it lasted about 11 steeps, probably could have pushed it more but I decided to stop. Overall this is an excellent young raw pu'erh for drinking now, very smooth mellow and delicious. It's not something I would personally buy at the moment (as I'm trying to buy more aged teas), but people who like sweet young raw pu'erh should give this a try.

Next up - another young sheng from Misty Peak. This is a very good concept - a rolled pu'erh. This seems to have the convenience of a minituo while not sacrificing leaf quality. The leaves in this one are nice and full, and the "tuo" is not very compressed. This is an Autumn 2013 production. I used one "tuo" in a gaiwan, and it was not as good as the 2012. Although they were both around 7g, this was more bitter, and not as sweet. I got some buttery and vegetal notes instead of the creamy bready notes of the 2012. I really recommend just breaking up a cake all at once for consumption (as shown here) instead of using minituos/rolled pu'erhs like this. Although this is probably the best minituo out there, it's really just nicer to have variety. I'd much rather have the 2012 than this, the extra year did it good.

Thank you Nicholas for the tea sessions, it is much appreciated.

QUICK EDIT: Almost forgot my music selection of the week:

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