Saturday, September 13, 2014

Straight Outta Anxi

Long story short: Both these teas are Anxi TieGuanYins, one is 20y/o and one is 1985 from the NanYan factory, but was re-roasted. The Nanyan is the better tea. The 20y/o is pretty weak and sour, slightly mineral and herbal, boring, etc. The NanYan has some plumminess and sourness, some more aged taste (earthy leather etc.), and is generally stronger and more rounded. Both are mediocre in the end.

As I said to James about the 20y/o TGY (James sent me these teas, thanks for the opportunity): "It's okay as fuck. It's the definiton of okay. On a one to ten scale, it gets an "okay". This is the strongest neutral feeling I've ever had about a tea". The NanYan got a "better, but not that good. Gets an okay, cool, above average, don't mess up the aging by roasting next time, mystery guy.".

In conclusion, both of these teas are very okay. Some more okay than the others.

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